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Sunday, July 17, 2011

How to Stay Away from Work from Home Scams?

Nowadays many people make money online and I am not an exception. I have been using various work from home techniques and know that some of them are scam.

The most popular scam niche is “get paid to”. Internet offers over one hundred sites, which pay money for taking surveys, completing offers and paying games. Not all of them pay, so here are some tips to avoid scams:

1. Use forums to find information about websites you want to start working with. If they are good – they will definitely have a lot of positive feedback, if not – everything will be vice versa.

2. WhoIS check and emails – scammers usually use identity protection and never reply to emails, which are sent via whois.

3. Do some google search – enter a search query – “ scam”. If this get paid to website has negative reputation, the results will show up.

4. Look for payment proofs – screenshots of people, who have had success with a get paid to site of your choice will definitely prove that site is legit and paying.

5. Use common sense – you can’t make full-time income from home by taking surveys – maximum you can earn is 5-6 per hour.

All these simple tips will help you stay out of trouble and give you an opportunity to earn some money from home without being scammed.