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Monday, January 16, 2012

Make money by sharing pictures and grapics at Shareapic

The current variety of get paid to and work from home opportunities simply makes me wonder – what new free way of making money online will be released next? Nowadays we could get paid to blog, write articles, complete freelance jobs, fill out surveys, upload files and documents and even receive money for listing to the music online.

Oh, I think I’ve got it – making money by sharing images and photos, this is what I have been missing for such a long period of time.

The review of will make a great contribution to this article and will show that getting paid for sharing and promoting images (graphics and photos) is for real and doesn’t require any investments to get started.

Let’s take a look at the whole process of earning money with How does this company afford to give us money for sharing our photos and images? Everything is simpler than you think, Shareapic collects money from 3rd party advertisements, placed on their website and the owners of this service share their money with us, regular members, people, who share images for money on the web.

Before you freak out and start screaming that this website is a total scam, let me supply some thoughts of mine, thoughts which will surely support the idea of making money by sharing photos. I do not guarantee your becoming a millionaire after starting to work with, but you can easily set up a good income opportunity for you (I am pretty sure that bloggers could make enough money with Shareapic to at least pay off their hosting bills).

The key to earning good money at Shareapic is a massive user exposure, if you are an active forum user or have a personal blog, then you are sure to generate some traffic to your images uploaded to Even though the pay rate is not very high (just about 25 cents for every 1000 picture views), basically good images are capable of generating thousands of views per day, so earning money by uploading pictures is sure worth trying.

To sum everything up, don’t be afraid to try various free ways of earning money, even if they sound insane. As for me, sharing images for money could make a good business model for designers or template developers, who need a lot of storage for their works and need a free tool for displaying their graphic images.