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Monday, August 8, 2011

Ways to make money online with forums

Almost every day I find new ways to make money online. Many of them are being used world-wide, for example get paid to write websites and some of them are intended to be used in one country, for instance – free paid surveys, which are usually available for users from USA.

Today I would like to showcase several good ways to make money online for free (and it doesn’t matter where you live). Almost all Internet users are using forums, so here are some tips to make money from home by using forums.

Paid forum posting – there are several good websites, which can help you get paid for writing on various forums and discussion boards. You will be hired by forum owners and receive money for every post completed (check out – this is a great example of a paid forum posting company).

Revenue sharing forums – if you like using forums, why not use a sponsored forum and get paid for your activity. Sites like share their revenue with their users and give money for posting on their forums and for referring new members.

Avatar and signature advertising – this one requires you to have a very popular forum account. There are sites, like, which give you a chance to sell your avatar space and receive money for this.

By using forums you can not only get answers to your questions and communicate with interesting people but also earn money by being active and selling your signature or avatar space.

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